The Distribution Service LondonTailored to suit your needs

What does The Distribution Service London do?

The Distribution Service London​ ​is a central hub for handling clothing fulfillment needs. If you have a brand, have a merchandise line or are a creative that wants to capitalise on your ideas then TDSLondon​ is for you! With ZERO startup costs we will manufacture your product, dispatch direct to your customers all within 3 working days. ​

Why​ ​choose​ ​TDS​ ​London?

  • 1

    Zero start up fee’s.
  • 2

    Easy order system.
  • 3

    Expand your range with ease.
  • 4

    Have order’s with your customers within 3 working days!
  • FAQ’s

  • Q. When do you pay us?
  • A. Invoice sent monthly.
  • Q. What happens if i sell nothing?
  • A. Then you pay nothing.
  • Q. What if i sell 100 units?
  • A. Then you can make £1700 profit or more! Click on more info for a detailed breakdown.


“The​ ​Distribution​ ​Service​ ​London​ designed for the young brand, artist or person of influence”

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The Distribution Service London ​​ is also the hot spot for quick apparel printing needs. Based in the heart of the west end​ TDS​ ​London​ ​ give's you high quality, competitive prices and FAST turn around. We specifically kept our website and advertising costs to a minimum to ensure we can help you save more on your orders. ​

​​Terms​ ​and​ ​Conditions​​ We take our business very seriously and are passionate about we do! We look for like minded businesses/companies/individuals with the same passion and brand values. In return, we offer our years of expertise, knowledge and support to help build and grow your brand from the very beginning ​